Commercial Window Tinting

Our architectural film is a great way to invest in your personal business or larger commercial/government buildings. Our films offer increased protection for a variety of applications. Not only can we block over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, we can also knock out up to 84% of the heat entering through windows, reduce annoying glare that makes it harder to work, deter smash-and grab robberies, and prevent flying glass shards from causing injury during violent storms. We also offer a full line of decorative films and can offer custom logo work with vinyl and other varieties of media.

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Commercial: Efficiency, Safety, Security

Designed for applications where efficiency, safety, and security is a priority. With our film’s excellent solar performance, heat and UV rejection, glare reduction, superior optical clarity, and advanced adhesive formulation, its no wonder that our customers love our products and our professional installation staff!


    TAKE CONTROL OF TEMPERATURE FOR GOOD. VISION ™ SOLAR Home & Office Window Film offers a large selection of options to suit any need. Utilizing advanced spectrally selective technology, these window films reduce heat, lower energy costs and maintain the comfort and protection you desire. VISION SOLAR SERIES includes DAYLIGHT, CRYSTAL CLEAR,. EVENING VIEW, and ONE-WAY film finishes, as well as SILVER & BRONZE films for both interior or exterior applications. For leading class solar control, check out VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS.
  • MULTIPLE FINISHES AVAILABLE - VISION SOLAR films are offered in a wide array of tints & shades to suit every application.
  • REDUCE INTERIOR TEMPERATURES - VISION SOLAR can help eliminate hot spots and reduce inconsistent temperatures throughout your home or office where you need it most.
  • UV RAY PROTECTION - Once installed, VISION SOLAR films help windows reject over 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting occupants & furnishings inside.
  • IMPROVE PRIVACY & REDUCE GLARE - Enjoy privacy & improved outbound daytime visibility with the benefit of reduced glare.
  • LOWER ENERGY COSTS - Make your home or office more energy efficient by maximizing coverage on all windows with VISION SOLAR films.


    COMFORT, SAVINGS, PROTECTION, PEACE OF MIND - VISION ™ CLEAR VIEW PLUS Home & Office Window Film blocks up to 87% of infrared heat. This virtually undetectable film redefines excellence in heat rejection technology and outperforms other types of films, keeping you comfortable and protected. Utilizing a multi-layered film construction with industry leading spectrally selective technology, VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS helps keep the heat out while letting visible light in.
  • REDUCE INTERIOR TEMPERATURES - VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS helps to eliminate hot spots and reduce inconsistent temperatures throughout your home or office.
  • UV RAY PROTECTION - Count on VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS to reject over 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting occupants & furnishings.
  • REDUCE GLARE & IMPROVE VISIBILITY - Enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight along with improved outbound daytime visibility.
  • LOWER ENERGY COSTS - Make your home or office more energy efficient with VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS installed.


    PRIVACY & STYLE, REFINED. To add a touch of design, obtain privacy for your personal space, or simply enhancing the look of glass panels – VISION ™ DECORATIVE Series home and office window films are a perfect fit for the task. Offered in White Frost, White Out, and Black Out finishes, VISION DECORATIVE can transform any room, bringing a touch of style to any flat glass surface by incorporating custom elements like logos, striping, branding, and more.
  • ENDLESS DESIGN OPTIONS - VISION DECORATIVE Films give you the ability to customize your space to suit your needs.
  • REDUCE INTERIOR TEMPERATURES - Get VISION DECORATIVE installed to help eliminate hot spots & reduce inconsistent temperatures.
  • UV RAY PROTECTION - VISION DECORATIVE is designed to reject over 99% of harmful UV rays, keeping interiors & occupants protected.
  • CREATES PRIVACY & ADDS SECURITY - Adding VISION DECORATIVE window film can help bring the protection of privacy to any room by restricting views and controlling sight lines.

Commercial: Anti-Graffiti

Anti-Graffiti - Protects glass from vandalism

    Performance Tint’s Anti-Graffiti Series is a surface protection system that protects glass from vandalism and other damage. Other features and benefits include:
  • 4 and 6-mil Clear constructions
  • A clear, virtually undetectable appearance
  • A unique adhesive, formulated for clean, easy removal
  • Protection from vandalism and damage, eliminating the need for
  • expensive glass replacement
  • An exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty

Style, Safety and Cost Savings